3 Days - Chimps Special


To Kibaale Forest NP

Early in the morning we will leave for Kibaale Forest NP. In the afternoon we will arrive at Kibaale Forest, where we will stay sleeping with the noises of the tropical rainforest.

Chimp Walk and Swamp Walk

We will start with the 4-hour chimp walk during which yoa may also get to see 10 other primates. Kibaale Forest NP is also known for all the butterflies and birds. In the afternoon we wi11 walk through Bigodi Swamp.

To Kampala/Entebbe Airport

After breakfast, the last part of the journey will bring us back to Kampala. We will stop for beautiful sceneries.

  • Entebbe
  • Kibaale Forest NP
  • Entebbe

The shuttle

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